• Miniature Profiles

Miniature Profiles

Miniature profiles are primarily used in precision engineering, medical technology, electronic components and in the optical industry.

The design comes along with a given material choice in combination with precision, accuracy and defined tolerances.

The production of miniature profiles is carried out with a special view on the special requirements of these products and needs a high measure of accuracy and reproducability. This will be
assured with a continuous online measurement for sizes and quality in general.

lbaG is Europes biggest manufacturer for superconductor carrier profiles. The final applications are high performance magnets in the medical technology.



Description DIN EN ASTM
CUOF Cu-OF CW008A C10200
CUSC Cu-ETP CW004A C11000
CUDHP Cu-DHP CW024A C12200
ECU Cu-ETP CW004A C11000
BZ3 CuSn4 CW450K C51100
BZ4 CuSn4Pb4Zn4 CW456K C54400
BZ5 CuSn5 CW451K C51000
BZ6 CuSn6 CW452K C51900
BZ8 CuSn8 CW453K C52100
BP5 CuSn5Pb1 CW458K C53400
Unleaded brass
E67 CuZn33 CW506L C26800
E70 CuZn30 C26000
E80 CuZn20 CW503L C24000
E85 CuZn15 CW502L C23000
E90E CuZn10 CW501L C22000
E95 CuZn5 CW500L C21000
M18 CuNi18Zn20 CW409J C76400
N15 CuNi15Zn23Pb2
M13 CuNi12Zn24 CW403J C75700
• not standardized
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