• Pattern making

Pattern making


Pattern making
We offer in-house pattern and pattern equipment making, true to drawings and in line with DIN 1511. All patterns, which are made from wood, plastic, or polystyrene, are designed to meet the specific requirements for production of castings. Optimum patterns are a prerequisite for excellent cast quality of castings at a competitive cost. The high-value items are safely stored in our pattern warehouse. Patterns can of course be repaired or modified.

Core moulding
With core moulding equipment (core boxes) manufactured in our own pattern shop, we can produce cores by the CO2 or the furan resin process. Even the most complex cores are efficiently manufactured using mechanised equipment. In addition to common-type sand, we use special types of sand such as chromite or zircon.

In our shop for large moulds, castings with a weight of up to 15,000 kg can be moulded and cast. With our extensive stock of core boxes and variable core box systems, we can produce castings of various sizes in a cost-effective way. We only use high-grade furan resin silica sand. The foundry sand is treated in an environmentally friendly manner using powerful continuous mixers. Our sand treatment plant ensures that 100% of the used sand is processed.

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