• Further processing

Further processing


HUNDT & WEBER have made significant investments to continuously enhance their machining capacity. Our experienced staff utilise both conventional and CNC machines for preparing and finish-machining the copper castings true to dimensions. The material properties are optimised by heat treatment. Various components may be effectively joined together using special welding processes which are adapted to the particular material.



The cast copper products, which may be of any size from small to very big dimensions and heavy weights, are machined with high precision taking due account of the required tolerances. The modern machining centres which encompass up-to-date technology enable HUNDT & WEBER to meet their customers' specifications exactly.


Welded structures

The high thermal conductivity of copper necessitates high-intensity welding currents. Appropriate effective welding of copper components requires a high degree of expertise. HUNDT & WEBER have many years of experience, and welding is carried out by fully qualified staff with TUEV certification.


Heat treatment

Solution treatment, stress–relief annealing and ageing result in:
  • high strength,
  • high wear resistance,
  • a high degree of freedom from internal stress.
Thereby, HUNDT & WEBER offer their customers products featuring optimum material properties.
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