• Casting methods

Casting methods


HUNDT & WEBER apply various casting methods to best suit the particular application. While single parts for special purposes as well as extremely large or heavy castings are made using the hand moulding technique, series of castings are produced by machine moulding. Rotationally symmetrical objects with a maximum diameter of 3.000 mm are produced by centrifugal casting.


Sand casting

Casting in sand gives a great deal of freedom in design. Versatile shapes, hollows and therefore so-called undercuts are possible. The use of high-quality copper casting alloys in combination with this traditional casting process enables HUNDT & WEBER to manufacture products with outstanding properties such as an excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as high resistance to corrosion.


Hand moulding
By applying the hand moulding technique, Hundt & Weber produce copper castings up to a casting weight of 10,000 kg. Using this process, customer-specific products of any dimensions are cast with efficient precision.


Machine moulding
By applying machine moulding, HUNDT & WEBER produce castings between 1.5 and 450 kg in weight in any number, from small batches to large series. Standard alloys or alloys prepared to customers' specifications are used to create innovative, technologically superior castings.


Cast-in pipes
Hundt & Weber are specialists in products including cast-in pipes. Our expertise ensures that the pipe is completely surrounded by the cast metal. This special casting process yields products with excellent thermal electrial conductivity which meet the high quality standards required in the various fields of application.


Centrifugal casting

In the centrifugal casting process, the molten material is poured through a sprue into a rotating mould which is symmetrical about the axis of rotation. As a result of the centrifugal force the material is pressed against the inner wall of the mould where it solidifies. By this method, HUNDT & WEBER is able to produce a dense, fine-grain structure with excellent material properties, very few blowholes and outstanding mechanical specification.


Horizontal casting
HUNDT & WEBER are flexible in their approach and they make capacity available for their customers, ensuring short throughput times and cost effective castings. Horizontal centrifugal casting is suitable for producing pipes, sleeves and rings in lengths of up to 1,200 mm.


Vertical casting
Rotationally symmetrical bodies such as sleeves, pipes and rings up to an internal diameter of 3.000 mm are cast with a constant high quality. Special alloys developed by HUNDT & WEBER themselves enable them to offer products with specific chemical and physical properties.
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