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Message to our customers

Following allegations of data fraud by the Kobe Steel Group (whose subsidiaries include Kobelco) and Mitsubishi Materials Group (whose subsidiaries include Mitsubishi Shindoh and Luvata Special Products), we have thoroughly checked any risk of some of their products entering our own production processes.

We can reassure our customers by stating that Lebronze alloys Group has not used, and is not using, any material coming from the above-mentioned companies in order to make or sell our products.Lebronze alloys proposes reliable and dependable solutions that cover many of the concerned fields, in particular:

Copper alloy strips:
- High Performance Copper Alloy Strips for Leadframe: Cuprofor® (low alloyed copper)
- High Performance Copper Alloy Strips for Terminals and Connectors: Siclanic® (CuNiSi), Niclafor 1000® (CuNiSn)
- High conductivity and higher softening resistance copper alloy: CRM16® (CuCrZr)
- High strength and high conductivity copper alloy: CRM16®
- Higher Stress Relaxation Resistance Copper Alloy: C98® (CuNiP)
- High Strength and Good Formability Copper Alloy: Siclanic®

Copper alloy wires, bars, rods, hollow bars, tubes, and profiles:
- Brass (including our high-performance lead-free brass EnviB® series)
- High resistance brass
- Tin Brass
- Phosphorus Bronze
- High Copper, including C97®, C99®
- High Strength High Conductivity Copper alloys
- Aluminum Bronze
- Silicon Bronze
- Cupro-Nickel
- Nickel Silver
- Declafor®

With the widest range of copper and nickel alloys in the market, we are well positioned to propose the solution most adapted to your needs, at the highest quality standard.

In addition, we develop and produce semi-finished parts and finished parts in copper alloys, but also in aluminum, titanium, special steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and super-alloys with guaranteed metallurgical quality. We have large forging, heat treatment and machining capacities, EN9100 qualified. We address the most demanding markets like the aerospace and nuclear industries.

For all enquiries please consult your closest Lebronze alloys sales representative, or our websites: www.lebronze-alloys.com / www.lebronze-alloys.de

For any information, please contact Mr. Julien Furstoss: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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