• History


Ludwig Will and Friedrich Hundt founded in 1889 the 'Siegener Phosphor- und Broncegiesserei Will & Hundt' [Will & Hundt Phosphor and Bronze Foundry at Siegen]. 10th February 1889 three employees started the production of non iron heavy metal casting, more particularly fittings for blast furnaces and cylinder bearings.


In 1906 Karl Weber joined the company.


Ludwig Will deceased in 1914. In the same year, on 4th March, Friedrich Hundt and Karl Weber set up the private limited company 'HUNDT & WEBER GEISWEID.
With targeted investments in the development of new technologies, important progress in the fields of red brass and bronze casting was achieved early on.


In the late 1940s, soon after World War II, HUNDT & WEBER managed to establish themselves in the international market as a dependable and high quality supplier of nonferrous castings.


Takeover by Saar-Metallwerke GmbH and integration into the Saarmetall-Group.


Takeover by lebronze alloys Germany GmbH. Today, HUNDT & WEBER has seven induction furnaces with a total melting capacity of 22,500 kg and a staff of about 100 highly qualified employees.

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